Clinical Hypnotherapy and its uses


Hypnosis is an effective method of bringing about therapeutic change when used in Clinical Practice. There are two different forms of hypnotherapy, Suggestion and Analytical.

Suggestion Therapy is used to stop smoking, control eating habits, build confidence, overcome anxiety, improve concentration, control pain and for relaxation or stress relief. These are just a few of the concerns which can be helped by using this particular therapeutic approach and it usually requires one to three sessions to do so, although this can vary.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which contrary to popular belief does not induce sleep or loss of control. The gentle state of relaxation combined with a heightened state of awareness and perception makes it a deeply beneficial experience for most people.

Hypnoanalysis is used to overcome deep seated difficulties which include fear of flying, water, spiders, snakes and dental treatment. It is also used to help with the cause of psychological disorders, many of which have been debilitating and long standing, resulting in permanent relief from distressing symptoms. Analytical therapy may require as many as six or eight sessions.

Before embarking on this kind of therapy it is helpful to meet the hypnotherapist for a free consultation in order to ask questions, to discuss treatment and decide if you feel at ease with the therapist.

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